Rechargeable battery charger accessories (2/4)

Item No.: CUA52/CUC54
Comply with MILBEP compatible specifications;
Independent charging control of each charging channel;
Battery thermal power control during charging process;
Prevent dry battery and nickel metal hydride batteries from being charged by mistake;

The JUGEE battery is charged with a charger marked with the MILBEP compatible logo , which can ensure the normal charging of the battery and increase the charging speed of the battery.

The JUGEE battery can be directly charged using a DC 5V power supply (compatible with USB) , but when charging in a high temperature environment, the battery will prolong the charging time due to frequent thermal protection.

Charging status indication:

The JJUGEE battery is equipped with an LED charging status indicator at the positive end of the battery. After the battery is connected to charge, the LED will display the battery charging status:

• Steady on: The battery is charging normally

• Blinking: under-power charging, over-temperature protection, battery fault notification

• Off: The battery is fully charged

★ Unpowered charging:

The JUGEE battery can be charged with a 5V charging power source with a small output power, but the charging time will be extended correspondingly with a charging power source with a small output power.

★ Charging temperature protection:

When the JUGEE battery is being charged, if the battery temperature reaches the upper limit, it will automatically control the charging to avoid the charging temperature of the battery being too high. Charging in a hot environment will take longer to complete the battery.

★ Fast charging:

The JUGEE battery has a fast charging speed. It can be charged within 1 hour to 3 hours (different types of batteries are different) using a charger marked with the MILBEP compatible logo. In many fields of application, only a few minutes of charging can solve the energy required for emergency use when time is tight.


In the case that the battery is not installed in the JUGEE charger, if the JUGEE charger LED is solid red after the power is turned on, it means that the JUGEE charger has entered the charging protection state.

Factors that cause the charging protection of JUGEE charger include: the output voltage of the USB 5V power adapter is too high, the charger is wet or immersed in water, and deformed by external force. If the above-mentioned factors are excluded, the charger protection of JUGEE charger may be caused by the charger failure. In this case, please do not use it, and contact the seller or JUGEE charger after-sales service to consult and deal with it.