JUGEE CR123A 3.0V constant voltage rechargeable lithium battery

Item No.: RC3BP405S35-3000
The world  first 3.0V constant-voltage discharge type rechargeable lithium battery has a service life of more than 1,000 cycles. It has passed all safety certifications and is currently the most cost-effective battery on the market.
Functional characteristics

JUGEE Battery uses MILBEP compatible protocol and has the following characteristics:
★ Product realizes 3V regulated discharge output
During use, the battery voltage does not decrease as the battery level decreases. When users use it, they can feel like they are always using a new battery.
★ Product has low battery reminder function
In battery charge and discharge adjacent to the depletion state (in this case 3% of the total amount of the remaining amount, the electric discharge in the case of 0.2C, large-current discharge increases the proportion of remaining charge), the battery voltage of 3V Drop to 2.2V and continue to regulate and discharge until the voltage drops to 0V after the battery is exhausted . This function is used to remind the user to avoid inconvenience to the user when the battery power is suddenly exhausted.
★ Nominal battery power is available for discharge energy
The nominal battery capacity is the actual discharge capacity of the battery tested in accordance with the 5-hour rate discharge calibration method commonly used in China and internationally. The nominal discharge capacity of this product is 3000mWh, and the minimum discharge energy is 2900mWh.
★ Battery supports fast charging
The battery charging voltage is 5V . When charging, you can use the charger marked with the MILBEP logo for fast charging. Use rechargeable batteries and does not have the "memory effect" does not require to run out of power after the charge, are not required to be fully charged before use.
★ Battery has many intelligent protection functions. This includes:

① Discharge overload or short circuit protection. When the battery discharge overload or short circuit, the discharge current will be limited to about. 2A, in order to avoid damage to products and electrical equipment.

② Over-temperature protection and self-recovery function. During the discharge of the battery, when the temperature of the battery exceeds the control threshold, the battery will activate the over-temperature protection function. After the temperature is restored, the battery discharge automatically resumes. Battery temperatures above about 60 deg.] C will be temporarily parked electrically. During the charging process of the battery, as the temperature of the battery changes, the battery will automatically adjust the charging current or start protection to reduce the impact of charging temperature on battery life and safety.

③ Indicator light reminder function. The battery has an LED indicator, and with the charger marked with the MILBEP logo, the battery and charging status can be judged by the indicator status during charging.

Note 1:
If the charger is equipped with a 5V power adapter, its output current is low ( generally the output current of the adapter configured with 4 chargers is not less than 3A; the output current of the adapter configured with 2 chargers is not less than 1.5A ), The battery will enter the underpower protection charging state when charging. In this state, the charging speed will be reduced and the charging time will be extended.

Note 2:
The charger marked with the MILBEP logo has a smart battery identification function and a charging heat management function.

The charger can identify the batteries that are "charged" in it, and most of the primary lithium batteries of CR123 , CR123A, CR17345 can be intelligently identified, and the charging is turned off to enter the self-locking protection state to prevent users from accidents caused by incorrect charging. The built-in battery charging heat management and control system of the charger can effectively reduce the heat generated by the battery during charging and increase the charging speed in high temperature environments.

★ Battery has reverse polarity freewheeling function
When multi-cell JUGEE batteries are used in series discharge, the entire group of batteries will not be turned off due to the exhaustion of a certain battery. Therefore, when multiple batteries are used in series, it is not necessary to overly entangle the consistency of the battery charge, or the consistency of the new and old batteries.

When the multi-section guitar poly batteries in parallel and discharge, high-power battery charging problem will not flow backward to the low battery (3V included in the battery discharge voltage and the discharge voltage of 2.2V coexisting state).

1. Unpacking for the first time
Juji batteries have been pre-charged with about 30% (air) to 80% in accordance with the lithium ion battery transportation safety regulations during factory inspection.
(Other transportation ) Electricity, can be used normally after unpacking. Note that, as the product in the channel storage time longer, there may be a low voltage state (2.2V) after unpacking portion of the battery voltage or zero state. The portion of the battery can be charged by means of add power, and generally does not affect the normal use.

The battery has no special requirements for the first charge and first use, and the battery has no memory effect.

2.Precautions for routine use

▶ Juji battery has short circuit and overload protection functions, and is not suitable for products that require high current power supply, such as:
a. Racing high-power four-wheel-drive car;
b. External high-power flash with camera using flyback boost;
c. High power products that can deplete CR123A primary lithium battery in 0.8 hours .
▶ Juji battery has temperature protection function. Please pay attention when charging it:
Charging in an environment where the ambient temperature exceeds about 30 ° C, or in a heat-dissipating environment, may cause over-temperature protection charging during the charging process . The battery LED will flash during over-temperature protection charging . At this time, the battery can still be charged, and can be charged under the condition that the upper limit temperature is automatically limited, but the charging speed will be reduced. And the higher the ambient temperature during charging, the worse the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, the longer the battery's overheating protection charging time, and the slower the charging speed. Therefore, try to charge the battery in a well-ventilated environment. Do not cover the battery with fabric or items that are not easy to dissipate heat during the charging process.

Further, when the ambient temperature is less than about 5 ℃, in order to protect batteries from being damaged at a low temperature charging, the battery will be reduced and adjusted intelligent charging current, battery charge time will also be extended.

In the normal temperature range, when a charger with the MILBEP logo is selected and an adapter with an output current that meets the requirements is selected , the battery can generally be fully charged within 4 hours.

▶ poly Kyrgyzstan battery after use to run out of power, it is recommended to charge within 10 days, the longest not recommended for more than 30 days, to avoid damage to the battery, the impact experience feelings.

Safety Precautions
  1. Kyrgyzstan must be labeled poly battery charger has MILBEP signs, prohibited the use of any other type of charger charge, or they may damage the battery or charger.
  2. The Juji charger can only charge batteries marked with the MILBEP logo. It is strictly forbidden to use chargers to charge other types of batteries , otherwise the charger or battery may be damaged.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the battery or charger, deform it, knock it with a hard object, throw it, heat it, put it in water or fire, or it will cause serious situations such as fire and explosion. Do not use the battery or charger if it has been flooded, hit, dropped, pinched, or otherwise damaged.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to charge or use Juji battery in the place or environment near flammable, explosive and corrosive materials.
  5. Non-poly battery Kyrgyzstan and other different types of batteries together, as this may cause damage to the battery or other battery, battery leakage may even severe cases explosion will occur, on fire.
  6. Battery must not be charged in series, the serial charge will cause battery damage, and leakage may occur, fire, explosion severe cases.
  7. When using a battery, it must be loaded in accordance with the polarity of the electric product labeling, may damage the battery or by electric guitar polyethylene products.
  8. Juji batteries and chargers are not suitable for use in high-power underwater equipment, closed high-power electronic or electrical equipment.
  9. Do not use more than 10 Juji batteries in series, otherwise it may damage Juji batteries.
  10. Kyrgyzstan poly battery and charger, not suitable for children, sensory or mental capabilities decline in the use of the crowd, unless the person responsible for their safety, they were using the guidance and supervision.


More services

Juji battery product warranty period is 12 months. If you have any questions or problems about the product during the use of the battery and charger, please contact the seller or Juji battery after-sales service.

Juji Battery After-sales Consulting Service Tel: 400-895-8820