JUGEE No. 5 (AA) 1.5V constant voltage rechargeable lithium battery

Item No.:  R05BP410S35-3000
In the field of compatible 1.5V batteries, it can replace the existing 1.2V nickel-metal hydride batteries and other batteries to meet the public&;It's pursuit of high-performance, high-tempo, cost-effective, high-quality consumer transformation and upgra
Since the 1980s, although the consumer market has seen increasing demand for rechargeable batteries that are compatible with 1.5V dry batteries, there are no fully compatible standardized products on the market. V Ni-MH batteries barely substitute. JUGEE has developed a new generation of intelligent batteries with integrated microelectronics and micro system integration technology, completely replacing the existing 1.2V nickel-hydrogen secondary batteries, 1.5V primary batteries and other products, building a future with new product technology A 1.5V battery product system that is easier to use, more durable, has a larger storage capacity, and is more cost-effective.

From 2015 to the present,JUGEE has introduced three generations of 1.5V lithium-ion batteries at an annual iterative pace. The fourth generation of JUGEE batteries introduced to the market in 2019 has the highest energy storage capacity in the world!

The fourth generation JUGEE battery
JUGEE No. 5 (AA) 1.5V constant voltage rechargeable lithium battery
Built-in " JUGEE Smart Core " is a chip-based embedded chemical power control system, which combines the BMS and DC-DC system with the lithium-ion battery core to realize the provision under the control and protection of the BMS and DC-DC system The charge and discharge use of the battery has greatly improved the charge and discharge performance, abuse tolerance, stability, reliability, and safety of the battery, and solved many of the problems caused by the use of traditional electrochemical batteries.

1.5V constant voltage discharge type rechargeable lithium battery currently on the market has the following performance advantages :

• 1.5V regulated discharge, fully compatible and better than 1.5V discharge standard, all products using 1.5V batteries can be used normally

• The discharge voltage does not decrease with the decrease of power, which ensures that the power and performance of the product are in the best state.

• All nominal power can be discharged in the voltage range above 1.1V, which greatly improves the usability of the battery power.

• High specific energy, for example, the AA battery has achieved 3000mWh, the highest storage energy in the world, and the weight is only 20g

• Fast charging speed, multiple batteries can be charged at the same time without reducing the charging speed, and can be used with charging

• With over-discharge protection, no matter what product is used, the battery will automatically turn off the discharge when the battery is nearly exhausted

• Forced discharge protection, when any battery is used up in series without shutting down, it can provide continuous current without damage

• Supports charging and discharging, you can charge and discharge at will, and it will not be discharged when it is not fully charged or charged when it is not discharged.

• It can protect the user from over-discharge and forced discharge in actual use, and will not cause the battery to lose capacity, damage or damage.

• No need for charge and discharge maintenance during normal use to the end of life, suitable for all consumers including elderly and children

• On the basis of greatly surpassing the performance of nickel-metal hydride batteries, the price is lower than the existing mid-to-high-end nickel-metal hydride batteries, and the price is high

• Compatibility and interchangeability, charge and discharge performance, cost, specific energy, and technology to improve sustainability are all better than built-in lithium batteries